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Dr Billinghurst’s upcoming Brisbane lecture on CANCER will take place on Saturday 7 October 2017 at Lord Stanley Hotel in East Brisbane.

There is an answer to this terrible disease we call cancer. Currently, our war against cancer is failing most patients in a terrible way — and this — despite the fact medical science has known the answer since the 1950’s. In this one day seminar I will be presenting the science behind cancer as a mitochondrial disease which is highly vulnerable to specific Targeted Nutritional Therapies. These therapies have the power to starve cancer out of existence. These findings are presented in my latest book “Pointing the Bone at Cancer”.

Join with me as I present these findings on the true causes and powerful treatments available to combat Cancer. This is vital information for ALL SPECIES with cancer fast approaching the leading cause of death in most western countries.

“Cancer: Nutritional Therapy- an Oncological REVOLUTION!”

Saturday 7 October 2017 9:00am — 5.00 PM
Lord Stanley Hotel

994 Stanley St , East Brisbane,

Brisbane, Queensland 4169