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What a great day we had on Saturday last — 7/10/17 — at the Brisbane seminar on “Cancer — an Oncological Revolution”.

My thanks go to the wonderful, talented and very knowledgeable Dr. Elaine Cebuliak for organizing and hosting this seminar: thank-you also to the over 40 enthusiastic participants who gave up their Saturday to attend. With a sellout of all copies — we brought with us — of “Pointing the Bone at Cancer” — we now have another group of naturopaths, vets and pet parents able to join with me in this battle to have cancer recognized as a — mitochondrial and a metabolic — disease, with a genuinely science-based nutritional solution.

The photograph shows Dr. Elaine, myself, and some of the participants, as they attempt to answer the quiz questions.

And the prize? A copy of “Pointing the Bone at Cancer” — naturally!