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Dr Ian Billinghurst

Veterinary Surgeon B.V.Sc.(Hons), B.Sc.Agr., Dip. Ed.

Nutritionist, Acupuncturist, Agricultural Scientist, Author, Lecturer, Nutritional consultant and RAW Pet Food Producer.

Dr Ian Billinghurst has worked in companion animal practice since 1975. In the mid 1980’s, following years of clinical research, he was shocked to realize the devastating effect that commercial foods had on dog and cat health and amazed at the dramatic healing power of RAW. From this clinical research came Dr Ian’s first book, “Give Your Dog a Bone”, which was the original RAW food book for dogs. This book, together with his lecture tours to the UK, US, Canada, Japan (and further books), became the spark, which ignited the worldwide RAW pet food movement. Dr Ian Billinghurst is recognized as the “Father” of “RAW” and the founder of the BARF (Biologically appropriate Raw Food) Diet. Dr Billinghurst remains as passionate as ever about Health—through Evolutionary Nutrition—with his current lectures and writings emphasizing the basic truth…  “Nutrition… it’s absurdly simple.”


50+ Years of Experience


Over 2000 Clients


Raw Food Expert




As a consultant, I develop prescription—RAW—whole food nutritional programs, tailored for commercial use or for the individual.

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Raw Food Course

This is the definitive masterpiece course of my career. It's all of my books, all of my private consults and all my knowledge into a single course. I've held nothing back. I also have created the gold standard certification program that pet professionals can get raw nutrition certified. You will earn the BRNC post nominal after your name. You'll be taken to Billinghurst Institute for this course.

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Books & DVDs

Based on over 50 years of research and experience, my books and DVDs remain best sellers in the field of RAW, whole food nutrition, not only for companion animals, but also for humans.

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This is the diet evolution designed for ALL ANIMALS (including humans). Evolutionary nutrition is Gold Standard nutrition… the only diet that matches our genome, ensuring a long and healthy life.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

If  you  are  a veterinarian in  small  animal  practice   and  get  the  chance  to  hear  Dr. Billinghurst speak, these are lectures  that should  not be missed.

Lecture Attendee

After switching to RAW seven months ago, my dog’s health problems have disappeared. He is now drug free. I will never feed kibble again.

Satisfied veterinary client

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The BARF Diet

$20.00 to $50.00 inc. GST

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Pointing the Bone at Cancer

$77.00 to $122.00 inc. GST

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Grow Your Pups with Bones

$49.00 to $78.00 inc. GST

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Give Your Dog a Bone

$25.00 to $62.00 inc. GST

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Biologically Appropriate Raw Food

A Bones and RAW Food (BARF) Diet is the healthy program of nutrition that evolution designed for our cats and dogs. It is the ONLY way to approach nutrition, if a genuinely complete and balanced diet is to be achieved. When our pets face health problems such as obesity, arthritis, allergies, autoimmune disease, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, kidney disease and so many more, including cancer, the first step on the path to health is to switch to the evolutionary program of nutrition—also known as—BARF.  This is the drug-free solution to the many health problems our pets face.

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