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Nutritional Phone Consultations with Dr. Ian Billinghurst

Dogs and cats endure a wide range of health problems, all of which are directly or indirectly related to the vet recommended artificial, grain-based and carbohydrate rich commercial pet foods. These products are intimately involved in the cause, promotion and inflammation of every degenerative disease process, including cancer.

While modern drugs and modern surgical techniques can be life saving and make the patient more comfortable; they rarely address the cause of the problem. The most comprehensive and healing modality of all in dogs and cats, is evolutionary or genome-based nutrition. The switch to an evolutionary program of nutrition (including herbs, phytonutrients and other nutraceuticals), will produce a marked improvement in the outcome.

So, if you are a pet parent, who wishes to develop a specific (PRESCRIPTION) diet for your dog(s) or cat(s) based on the principles of Evolutionary nutrition, you need look no further. Dr Billinghurst has been developing individually tailored RAW whole food prescription diets for over twenty years. He is world-renowned as the veterinarian who introduced the concept of feeding Evolutionary Diets to companion animals, and, as a nutritionist and qualified veterinarian, is the most trusted authority in this field.

Dr Billinghurst has established RAW dietary protocols for all common disease processes that dogs and cats are suffering today. Examples of diseases with established (RAW) dietary protocols include…

  1. Allergies, including elimination diets
  2. Inflammatory bowel Disease,
  3. Pancreatitis,
  4. Obesity and diabetes
  5. Breeding problems,
  6. Orthopaedic problems in growing animals,
  7. Renal and urogenital disease,
  8. Liver disease,
  9. Arthritis,
  10. Addison’s and Cushing’s Disease,
  11. Cardiovascular disease,
  12. Various Urinary stones or Uroliths including:
    • Calcium Oxalate,
    • Struvite,
    • Cystine
    • Urate.
  13. Most importantly, Dr Billinghurst has wide experience using ketogenic diets and calorie restriction as the key components of his Targeted Nutritional Therapies approach to treating cancer.

The guidelines Dr. Billinghurst has established for each of these (and other) disease conditions are brilliant as starting points, however, the prescribing of individualized diets is the Gold Standard. Many animals suffer from more than one problem and varying degrees of each problem. This requires judicious balancing of dietary elements, nutraceuticals, herbals etc. Because of these complexities, tailored diets can only be established in the context of a consultation with direct dialogue between Dr. Billinghurst and the owner.

In many instances several consultations will be required. Consultation is generally by a combination of phone and email. There is no “typical” consultation; each one is different. However, the whole process will begin as an information gathering exercise. Following payment, the pet parent will be sent an email requesting basic information, including patient details, medical history, condition for which help is sought, dietary history, the current diet being fed, together with any appropriate reports from your veterinarian… including a definitive diagnosis or diagnoses. Upon receipt of this information, a further email will be sent to work out the time for the consultation.

The initial (Telephone) consultation is $385.00AUD, paid for prior to the appointment being made. Subsequent consultations may be by either email or by phone; if by phone, the minimum is $50.00AUD for a very short re-check, or at the rate of  $100.00AUD per half hour, whichever is applicable. Similar charges apply to email, depending on time spent. These additional consultations will be invoiced and paid by direct transfer.