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Nutritional Consultations with Dr. Ian Billinghurst

If you are a pet parent or pet carer, who wishes to begin FEEDING a RAW, WHOLE food diet to the dog(s) and/or cat(s) in your care, or you wish to develop a RAW Food program to deal with a specific health issue (or issues) in your dog or cat, this is the place to start. Dr Billinghurst has been developing RAW WHOLE Food nutritional programs for dogs, and cats since the 1980’s.

Today’s dogs and cats endure a wide range of health problems, the vast majority of which are directly or indirectly related to the vet recommended artificial, heat damaged, grain-based, nutritionally impoverished, and carbohydrate (read sugar) rich, (in no way fit for human consumption) commercial pet “foods” (not actually food).

These products (basically stock feed) are intimately involved in the cause, and progression of most degenerative disease processes seen by vets today, including cancer.

As the world-renowned Nutritionist and veterinarian who introduced the concept of feeding RAW Evolutionary Diets to companion animals with his first book — “Give Your Dog a Bone”— Dr Billinghurst has wide experience using RAW Foods as the treatment base for the wide range of health conditions our dogs and cats are currently experiencing. For these, he has established specific RAW dietary guidelines.

While modern drugs and modern surgical techniques can be lifesaving and make the patient more comfortable; they do not address the underlying — nutritional — cause(s) of the numerous health problems faced by pets today. A lifetime, eating these terrible cooked and processed carbohydrate-based commercial pet foods, is a recipe for early ageing and bodily degeneration. This nutritionally bankrupt non-food material, being fed to most pets today, is the underlying cause of most degenerative disease processes. And the reason … is simple. Dog and cat bodies are not designed to derive the nutrients they require — for actual health — from these awful products. That is why our our pet’s bodies break down early, and disastrously.

Our pets’ bodies begin to disintegrate (lose their healthy integrity) when they are denied the RAW WHOLE foods they evolved to require, and in its place are fed this appalling stuff.

That is why the most comprehensive and effective healing modality available for our dogs and cats, is evolutionary or genome-based nutrition. We simply need to switch them to the diet that they evolved eating — the diet they evolved to require. The switch to an evolutionary program of nutrition (including the basic elements of meats, bones, organ meats etc., together with herbs, phytonutrients, and other nutraceuticals), will produce a marked improvement in health. If caught early enough, it is not uncommon to see a complete turn-around of the disease process from which they suffer. In many cases, less drugs or no drugs will be a necessary change. However, any change in veterinary prescribed drug or other treatment is an ongoing matter you must discuss with your pet’s primary health care provider (your veterinarian). Your veterinarian is the person best suited to assist you with monitoring health parameters and all decision making with respect to prescribed treatments.

So, if you are a pet parent, who wishes to utilise the power of RAW WHOLE foods — AKA Evolutionary Nutrition — with a specific RAW Food diet for your dog(s) or cat(s), you need look no further. Dr Billinghurst has been developing individually tailored RAW whole food nutritional programs since the 1980’s and, as a nutritionist and qualified veterinarian, is the most trusted authority in this field.

Examples of diseases with established (RAW) dietary guidelines …

  1. Cancer … Including ketogenesis, calorie restriction and supplementation.
  2. Allergies, including elimination diets
  3. Inflammatory bowel Disease,
  4. Pancreatitis,
  5. Obesity and diabetes
  6. Breeding problems,
  7. Orthopaedic problems in growing animals,
  8. Renal and urogenital disease,
  9. Liver disease,
  10. Arthritis,
  11. Addison’s and Cushing’s Disease,
  12. Cardiovascular disease,
  13. Autoimmune Disease
  14. Various Urinary stones or Uroliths including Calcium Oxalate, Struvite, Cystine and Urate.

The NUTRITIONAL guidelines Dr. Billinghurst has developed and continues to develop for each of these (and other) disease conditions are not necessarily static recipes. Ideally, each will be tailored to suit the individual, which is the Gold Standard. Many animals suffer from more than one problem and/or varying degrees of each problem, necessitating specific balancing and inclusion/exclusion of dietary elements, from meat and bones and organs to nutraceuticals, herbals etc.

Because of these complexities and other issues related to individual circumstances (such as food availability) specifically tailored dietary guidelines (and instructions for modifying them as circumstances change and/or permit) can only be established in the context of a direct dialogue (Zoom Meeting or similar) between Dr. Billinghurst and yourself – the pet parent/carer. And please note; occasionally … repeat consultations may be necessary.

If you wish to have a consultation or a follow-up consultation with Dr Billinghurst — please click here. You will be taken to the payment section on the website … please follow the prompts.

The Consultation Process

Consultations (and repeat consultations) are conducted via Zoom — this allows for maximum communication between yourself and Dr Billinghurst.

The initial consultation costs $295.00 (Australian), which is paid for prior to the appointment being made.

A follow-up or Repeat consultation costs $145.00 (Australian), which is paid for prior to the appointment being made.

There is no “typical” consultation; each one is different. However, the whole process will begin as an information gathering exercise.

Following payment, you will be sent an email requesting basic information, including patient details, medical history, condition for which help is sought, dietary history, the current diet being fed, together with any appropriate reports from your veterinarian… including a definitive diagnosis or diagnoses. Upon receipt of this information, a further email will be sent to work out the time for the consultation.

You may also be sent preliminary dietary guidelines for you to examine as a basis for discussion during the Zoom consultation.

The initial Zoom consultation is generally around 45 to 60 minutes. In this time, your pet’s health issues, diagnosis, dietary history and proposed RAW WHOLE Food diet program for the condition will be discussed and developed.

Follow-up consultations may or may not be required. Every case is different.


Please understand that the advice offered by Dr Billinghurst is nutritional advice only. Medical advice must be sought from your primary veterinary health-care professional or veterinary specialist. All decisions made by pet parents with respect to the foods and/or nutritional supplements they feed their pets remain the sole responsibility of the pet parent.

If you wish to have a consultation or a follow-up consultation with Dr Billinghurst — please click here.

You will be taken to the payment section on the website … please follow the prompts.