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Give Your Dog a Bone

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“Give Your Dog a Bone” is the book, which ignited the—RAW—nutritional revolution in pet health, that began in 1993 and continues today.

This revolution involved the return of dogs (and cats) to their evolutionary RAW diet. “Give Your Dog a Bone” outlines the simple steps any pet parent can take to set their dog(s) on the path to health. All you need do is follow the very simple nutritional guidelines outlined in this book. This is the basic RAW handbook that any potential RAW feeder requires. It ignores the complications that so many modern raw feeding gurus use to confuse the novice raw feeder. To feed a dog for health, all you need to know is…”What RAW… and WHOLE… and ACTUAL FOODS… need to be fed and HOW MUCH. None of this constitutes the proverbial… “Rocket Science”… it is just good old fashioned… COMMON-SENSE. What worked in 1993 works today (and tomorrow!).

Nutrition… it’s absurdly simple…

“Give Your Dog a Bone” is available in hard copy, as a PDF (requiring a PDF reader) or as an eBook (.epub format requiring an eBook reader).

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