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Grow Your Pups with Bones

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“Grow Your Pups With Bones” is, in part, the breeder’s supplement “Give Your Dog a Bone”. However, it is much more than that. It is written to show vets, breeders and the dog owning fraternity generally, how easy it is to produce healthy pups without the losses, headaches and heartaches so many breeders experience, and secondly, how easy it is to grow those pups into healthy adults with a sound skeletal system.

The book is divided into three parts. The first part introduces the Bones and Raw Food [BARF] diet for feeding dogs.

The second part is about breeding… feeding for breeding. It details the practical common sense approach to producing an optimum number of healthy pups with a minimum of fuss. The BARF diet is central to this pup-producing program.

The third part is about growing pups into healthy adults, that do not develop Hip or Elbow Dysplasia, or any of the other skeletal diseases which are so common in modern dogs. Central to this third part of the book is the BARF program of diet and exercise.

Nutrition… it’s absurdly simple…

“Grow Your Pups with Bones” is available in hard copy

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