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Pointing the Bone at Cancer

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“Pointing The Bone At Cancer” is vital reading for anyone concerned about cancer. It explains the science behind a solution to this terrible disease, a solution we have known about since the 1950’s, a solution that has been ignored. Read how our research has been chasing a red herring, and why our treatments, based on this red herring—MOSTLY—do more harm than good. Learn about our enormous misconception concerning the actual cause of cancer, and the science that shows this understanding is… “fatally flawed” (pun intended!). Learn about the science that shows how cancer arises from a “pre-existing” genetic program of growth and reproduction, already present in our cells.

How this ancient genetic program is turned on… why it exists… why it allows… or causes cancer is the central theme of this book. Read and discover, how a combination of carcinogens and lifestyle can damage organelles in cells called mitochondria, and how, under certain conditions, this will cause the resurrection of this program of constant cellular reproduction… the disease we call cancer.

Most importantly, learn how knowing the actual cause of cancer, points directly to its major weakness, and therefore the simple nutritional tools available to us—right now—with which we can defeat cancer. These Targeted Nutritional Therapies work quietly… inexpensively and without fuss and without traumatizing the patient. All we need is an educated set of health professionals who are willing to adopt these tools as their (our!) chief weapon in the fight to defeat cancer. This knowledge is available now. The science exists and it is all fully documented in “Pointing the Bone at Cancer.
Get hold of your copy of “Pointing the Bone at Cancer… to find out how you can become part of the revolution that will quietly and without fuss… defeat cancer.

Nutrition… it’s absurdly simple.

“Pointing the Bone at Cancer” is available in hard copy.

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