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Guest Speaking

Since Ian’s discoveries concerning the relationship between diet and health made during clinical trials at his practice in the mid ‘80’s, Ian has been a popular speaker at kennel clubs, breed societies, and training groups and veterinary meetings throughout Australia. These invitations escalated following the publication of his first book… “Give Your Dog a Bone” in late 1993/early ’94.

In 1997 Ian was invited to England where he lectured in Birmingham, Bristol, London and Manchester, kick-starting the raw-feeding industry and widespread adoption of this way of feeding throughout the UK and beyond.

In 1998… during a 9 week tour of the United States, Ian presented 13 seminars, of one and two days duration, from the west to the east coast and back again, including Seattle in Washington State, Dallas in Texas, Orlando in Florida, Hartford in Connecticut, Richmond in Virginia, Valley Forge in Pennsylvania (APDT), Chicago in Illinois, Toledo in Ohio, Bellingham in Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Honolulu Hawaii.

These seminars were held in October, November and December of 1998 and proved to be the turning point for pet health throughout the western world. They spawned the enormous raw food movement that now flourishes across North America. In both the USA and Canada, raw feeding has become widely accepted, and that includes a growing number of veterinarians.

Since his initial US tour, Ian has made frequent visits to the US and Canada, speaking to veterinarians, breeders, dog trainers, and dog owners (including twice speaking at APDT), promoting the concept of Evolutionary Nutrition at every lecture. In 2002, Ian gave two half days of lectures on  Evolutionary Nutrition to the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association.

In 2003 and again in 2007, Ian spoke at the Pet Food Forum, the official annual conference of the North American Pet Food Industry. In the 2003 lecture, Ian challenged his audience with a provocative presentation titled … “Raw Whole Foods: Is this the future of pet Foods?” Again, in 2007, Ian challenged the pet food industry with a talk titled … “Neoplasia and Pet Food: Do Modern Processed Pet Foods Drive Neoplasia? Are RAW Diets the Answer?”

Ian has also spoken in New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and Australia, to breeders, dog training groups, technical colleges and post graduate veterinary groups.

Ian has made numerous lecture tours of Japan, with speaking venues in Tokyo (Shibuya), Kobe, Hukuoka (Hakata) and Aichi (Nagoya). The first of these tours was in 2001, the second in 2003, the third in 2006, with another series of tours in 2007 and 2008, where Ian began the first of his formal BARF courses for Japanese Students.

Ian also does webinars; he as done these for a number of different groups, with most having been for “Dogs Naturally”.

In May 2006, Ian spoke at the Australian Veterinary Association’s annual conference in Tasmania, delivering a lecture on the role of nutrition in treating cancer. From this came Ian’s fourth book… “Pointing the Bone at Cancer”…which was published in November 2016.

Since its publication, Ian has delivered lectures in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Darwin on the role of nutrition in treating and preventing cancer in dogs, cats and humans. Following those lectures, Ian has spoken in Spain, Canada, the UK and in China on RAW feeding generally and Cancer as a metabolic disease.

On the 8th September this year (2019), Ian will deliver three lectures to the AHVMA, dealing again with cancer, refuting the somatic theory of cancer and presenting the clear solution(s) we have available to us when cancer is understood as a disease which results from a pre-existing genetic program present in all nucleated cells; one which arises following carcinogenic attack on mitochondrial energy production in our cells.

What do you speak about?

I/Ian has long been available to any audience interested in canine and feline health through RAW and Evolutionary Nutrition. Latterly, this has included a “One medicine” approach, where Ian—from the unique perspective of a veterinarian—has included the human animal in his lectures dealing with cancer.

What kinds of engagements do you speak at?

Any audience interested in canine and feline health through RAW and Evolutionary Nutrition. Latterly, this has included a “One medicine” approach, where Ian—from the unique perspective of a veterinarian—has included the human animal in his lectures dealing with cancer.

How do you approach your speaking engagements? What is your purpose?

To educate. I began my early professional career as a teacher, I am a trained educator.

What is the value that you bring as a speaker?

I bring the unique perspective of a trained nutritionist/agricultural scientist, educator/veterinarian with 4 decades in companion animal practice, who has had the privilege of spending most of this time observing the close relationship between health and both western nutrition and genomic nutrition in not only companion animals, but also their human caregivers.

What makes you different?

During my time studying education, I studied the philosophy of science, with my most important teacher being Karl R Popper, who wrote the book “Conjectures and Refutations”, which contained his collected works. He very clearly showed that truth is not something we can know. All we can ever know is that our theories are not able to be refuted.  This has given me the freedom to question EVERY piece of so-called science that we veterinarians, doctors, healers and caregivers have presented to us; with my particular interest being health and nutrition. There is much in modern nutritional and medical/veterinary science that has no validity, when placed under the glaring scrutiny of genuine enquiry and questioning.

Is there any information about this service that would be helpful for the customer to know or understand?

I do ask for costs to be covered plus a retainer.