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9 year old beagle has been fed BARF for the last 5 years. I have complete blood panels run on my dog yearly and my Vet tells me to “keep on feeding him whatever you’re feeding him because he is doing great!


I wish the pet owners of this world would “wake up and smell the tripe” dog food companies prey upon those of us that want the very best for our dogs… the very best is available at the grocery store, just not in the pet section!

Breeder of Old English Sheep dogs

Severe autoimmune hypothyroid disease. The holistic vet told me about feeding RAW. I researched and studied this method.. bought “Give Your Dog A Bone” by Dr Ian Billinghurst DVM and his thyroid problem has almost disappeared after a year on BARF!


I am a breeder of golden retrievers and I feed a whole raw food diet based on Dr. Ian Billinghurst’s BARF diet. Dogs are omnivore’s who eat a wide variety of foods and lower grain content than most processed dog foods contain. To admit/educate that cooking foods for dogs destroy many much needed nutrients. Dogs are not humans and were not intended to eat processed foods with the consistency we have as a society now forced them to. Processed Dog food began as a convenience item and has now gone beyond and into big business.


My dogs are doing great. They get excited about their meals now – they never used to care! That alone has to be worth something in Mental Health! I think the Raw Food Diet is the best way to feed a dog. I won’t be going back to kibble.

Fort Wayne

If  you  are  a veterinarian in  small  animal  practice   and  get  the  chance  to  hear  Dr. Billinghurst speak, these are lectures  that should  not be missed.

Lecture Attendee

After switching to the BARF Diet, all my females’ digestive problems went away in a matter of days. No more drugs – just like that!

New York

We investigated and put both our westies on BARF. They have been eating this diet for 3 months. The following are our observances concerning our 7 year old. Improved stamina, teeth are clean from eating bones, breath is fresh, coat is getting thicker, not scratching, more alert, dropped 3 pounds.


I started feeding my dogs BARF four years ago when my male Dalmatian started having haematuria and passing urinary crystals. His health improved within days and has never had haematuria since!


I will never go back to commercial foods for any of my pets! Why would you feed them junk foods? And I recommend RAW whenever I get a chance.


My second home bred champion has been raised on The BARF Diet and is a OFA excellent with clear elbows. This is just one of the few differences that BARF and Raw foods can provide. I would never go back now to any type of processed food.


I have fed my show and performance dogs a raw food diet since 1993 and have been pleased with the results. My dogs have avoided viruses they’ve come in contact with, have avoided giardia in a giardia prevalent area, they have never been treated for fleas or worms, have never had an eye or ear problem and have never had their teeth cleaned. Oh yes, their skin and coats are beautiful too!

Flat coat Retrievers

I believe if we can feed ourselves and our children whole and natural foods, we can feed our dogs. All it takes is common sense and the ability to read some books – thank you Dr Ian Billinghurst. I know I am doing the right thing by my glowing healthy dogs.

Charlotte, NC

The cost of the BARF Diet makes up for the lack of Vet bills, time and heart rendering pain that accompanies a kibble diet.


I started my 5 dogs on BARF 2 years ago. All my dogs are doing quite well on BARF – teeth clean, stools normal, no skin or health problems. In my capacity as a dog trainer, I recommend BARF to all of my students and have seen some remarkable changes for the good with behavioural problems once the dogs are eating a healthy diet.

Satisfied Customer

I am convinced the BARF diet has made my dog healthier by strengthening his immune system and eliminating stress to his internal organs! I will NEVER feed commercial food again.

Satisfied Customer

After switching to RAW seven months ago, my dog’s health problems have disappeared. He is now drug free. I will never feed kibble again.

Satisfied veterinary client

I want all my dogs to have a LONG and HEALTHY life, free of disease and pain. I am convinced that this can only be accomplished with RAW natural foods. My dogs look great, they are happy and so am I. Thank you Dr Billinghurst.


The reason I changed to the BARF diet was after reading Dr Billinghurst’s two books and thinking about how our dogs were fed when I was a young child. They were never sick, never vaccinated, and never saw a vet, all of that got me thinking maybe it was a good idea to return to that same idea. Thank you Dr Billinghurst for your books and common sense approach to RAW feeding.


I believe all dogs should be fed the way Nature intended them – to be natural.. When was the last time you saw a dog with a stove on its back? Or a can opener in its paw?


If you could see a 7 week old puppy tear into his first chicken wing and eat the whole thing down, you would never go back to kibble or canned food!


I have Dr Billinghurst to thank.. He opened up the door to good health for my Chows by bringing us back full circle to the way dogs were designed to eat, by providing proper evolutionary nutrition in the manner in which our dogs and cats are meant to eat. I am giving my Chows the gift of good health. That’s what all our loving companions deserve.